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Mushroom Growing at Flyway Farm

  • Mike “Mushroom Man” Hatfield, as he’s come to be known in the farming community, gives June Sellers (Left) and Jenny Carlton (Right) a quick mushroom lecture. He’s holding his home grown oyster mushrooms, which are among a vast lineup of shrooms he sells
  • Mike Hatfield gives a tour of his farm Saturday as a stop on the Southern Illinois Farm Crawl. Cindy Hunsinger (left) and Amy Cunningham (right) watch as Mike explains his shroom growing operation.

Mike “Mushroom Man” Hatfield, 31, owns and operates a farm and upscale mushroom grow op. He specializes in gourmet mushrooms, with the majority of them being Oyster and Shiitake.

He lives on the farm with his wife Jessica and their daughter Iris. He’s been on the farm for six years and sees no end in sight.

“I never saw myself doing this for a living, but now I can’t see myself doing anything else,” Hatfield said. “Our goal is to become completely self sustainable, and then make sure our daughter will be too when she grows up.”


Mike has about 500 logs on his farm, each with 20 or 30 hand drilled holes for the shrooms.

The Mushroom Man also gives his customers a chance to get their grow on by selling his homemade mushroom growing kits

“I use three methods: growing in buckets, hanging bags, and growing on logs,” said Hatfield. “The logs take the most work to get started, but they are the most enduring form of mushroom host and require the least amount of maintenance.”