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Kelley Hessian, owner and pasta maker for K’Noodles, pulls and separates her strands of tomato basil fettuccine as they come out of the pasta maker. Along with many other types of noodles, they have a vast array to sell at the West Side Farmers market every Saturday.

“When it comes to pasta making, you have to keep yourself focused on the machine and your pasta. When I first start making the pasta, it comes out rough and I cant serve that to my customers, it has to be smooth. Plus, you have to watch out for if the dye gets clogged up in the machine. I just break up the clump of dye mix and continue on.” This advice is great for anyone wanting to make their own noodles.

Stop by the West Side Farmers Market (Murdale Farmers Market) every Saturday and pick up a batch of home made noodles from K’Noodles, you won’t regret it!

Who: K’Noodles Homemade Noodles

What: Pasta

When: Saturday’s

Where: West Side Farmers Market