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Bison Bluff Farms


Located at 1565 Bethel Church Rd. in Cobden Illinois. The farm consists of over 350 head of bison owned and operated by Clifton Howell & family. For bison meat purchases, please make an appointment. Check out more!

Bison Bluff Farms, owned and operated by Clifton Howell and his family, is located on approximately 1,100 acres in rural Cobden, Illinois. We stated in 1997 with five head of buffalo, and have gotten increasingly larger over the past years. The herd is now over 350 buffalo strong and still growing. We have purchased bison from ten different states, to get a variety of good breeding stock. We are very proud of our animals. They are all grass fed naturally with no hormones or chemicals added. This is why our meat is so good for you.

We encourage everyone to try bison meat. We want people to learn about the bison as well as enjoy the taste and health benefits of our meat. You can purchase bison meat from us by calling 618-521-5102 and making an appointment. All of our meat is government inspected and sold frozen.



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